Some people involved in the recent gold investment scandal argued that it was a new business model and questioned on what wrong was with it, since they were neither stealing nor robbing. They… Continue reading

Najib Feel-good factor fizzling out call for election now ” Winners take all loser to sell salt fish

Feel-good factor fizzling out ” If you CAN’T take the heat, get out of the kitchen ” So scared that, despite declaring and bragging that it is a democracy, it hits out at genuine… Continue reading

Najib the clock is ticking every minutes lost is you are loosing the voters

Sad to say, there was no one of authority to take Anwar’s questions. If Najib and his Cabinet had hoped that by snubbing Anwar and the federal Opposition, they could quell criticism over… Continue reading

Malaysia and the Muslim Spring how can the government help middle class ?

Ukraine’s jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko exhorted her country Saturday to “rise up” against President Viktor Yanukovych’s party in next month’s parliamentary election. In an emotional video appeal, recorded covertly by her… Continue reading

Syukur Alhamdulillah.How much is enough?

Not many of us are aware of what is enough to make us happy. In our dizzily consumerist culture, we make ourselves miserable in the pursuit of more than enough without pausing to… Continue reading

How will PR save Malaysia a bankrupt nation when EU couldn’t save Greece?

At the 44th Gerakan national delegates conference in Kuala Lumpur today, the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak made two remarkable statements, viz: Shocker: America Spends $2.16 Trillion on Violence Annually Najib’s statements and… Continue reading

Loot on in the name of reforms the many masks of PM Najib

Najib is only PM for his cronies not for all Malaysians.He uses all places to unfairly bash Pakatan as if they are criminals.Sayonara Najib,this is definitely your last budget reading. UMNO leaders’ recent… Continue reading

Rousing a sleeping giant Beasts of Survival Separation of Mahathir the Satan

Anwar: A Visionary Leader? by Terence Netto COMMENT Is Anwar Ibrahim an irresponsible rider of the zeitgeist, or is he a leader who has a feel for the law of unintended consequences and has… Continue reading

Speak as if you were educated.

Education is the right of parents, NOT the government’s. Home schooling is the answer. Private tutors are always available.If English is used to teach maths and science, we can say goodbye to international… Continue reading

What if Jesus Had a Wife?The Deadly Cost of Worshiping the Bible Instead of God

Practically all traditional religions have or have had strict rules on blasphemy. The idea behind this is to honor the sanctity of what the tradition regards as sacred. It is appropriate that one… Continue reading