Mahathir:Najib dumb and dumber as PM candidate again a big gamble for umno?

“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.” This quote by Professor Dumbledor in J.K. Rowling’s book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire reiterates the importance of the need for unity not only against the arrogance of Lord Voldemort but in every battle encountered by a front. Without an iota of doubt, anyone in the Opposition camp in India would have dearly loved to have a Prof Dumbledor considering the political scenario the country is witnessing right now.UMNO-Barisan seems to be in complete mess, ridden with allegations of corruption, complete policy paralysis, inflation, unemployment, declining economy portraying a canvas of mal-governance and a leadership crisis; thereby leading to a wave of anti-incumbency and indignation across the country.Whoever keeps track of the political events in the country will be aware of the tussle between top UMNO the bone-of-contention being the party’s prime ministerial candidature in 2013 general elections. Several surveys conducted by media houses over last couple of months have revealed that Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin  emerges as the clear front runner for UMNO’s prime ministerial candidate. “The (Umno) president (Datuk Seri Najib Razak) has agreed. We don’t need people who want to sabotage candidates. If the candidates lose, we will also lose,”  Muhyiddin issued the warning  Bashing our UMNO bahagian leaders is a popular sport. Let’s face it, being a much  feared bahagian leaders are a pretty  dicey job to do….but …Read more MAYDAY! MAYDAY! THERE IS A WAR OUT THERE ! UMNO BAHAGIAN LEADERS

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said he has disagreed with former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad on many things, but not with the latter’s remark that Umno-BN is the devil and najib as weak  prime minister want to support the devil I know than the angel I do not know.  Syed Ali, hit it right on the nail’s head The George Kent award was already funny business with Najib. What can be more funny business than this, only those False Bumi company owned by Najib’s Cronies will qualify and grab ALL the Bumi’s contract, at least you know the real truth behind Najib and Mahathir type of Championing for the Melayu, its All to tipu Melayu Tulen. WHY it took the Melayu Tulen contractors 54 years to find out ???? So now Melayu Tulen knows UMNO’s true intentions and clolours, better late than NEVER !!  But when the devil exhibits a totalitarian attitude and behaviour, one wants to get a chance withe angel to see if it claims what it can be and can do. As I see it, the devil has become a complacent devil and uses threats and fear every time to control and maintain its position.Malay Chambers of Commerce Malaysia (DPMM) president Syed Ali AlAttas today clarified his remark that Najib Abdul Razak was indulging in “funny business” (perkara pelik pelik) in relation to the MRT project was actually an indirect reference to the role played by the prime minister’s officers.. Najib knows his turn as PM is going to be over soon…He is taking care of himself first now by filling up his piggy bank…He got no time for your lamentations…sad. really a funny business as the Malay Chamber of Commerce, Malaysia and Persatuan Kontraktor Melayu Malaysia are the convenience vehicles of UMNO, all these years and manned by cronies. Sure, they take up the portion reserved for Bumiputra but the benefits are only for them and UMNO personalities concerned. They love the money but not the know-how. They even steal money from their own companies. No surprise to see such ‘poor’ companies but the owners are personally rich beyond our dreams. Why is MCC&I is questioning now, the status of a company with 51% equity held by Bumiputra? This policy was enacted in 1970. That policy is okay until top brass of UMNO decide otherwise and deprive you of the easy income, you jumped. They know better how to maximise benefits from Gamuda than talking/arranging projects with you in between. This is just lovers’ tiff. No big deal for the ordinary Malays who got nothing, dulu, kini dan selamanya.

With each passing stupid act of desperation, Najib is making Anwar look like a shining beacon of decency, sanity and intelligence. DSAI doesn’t need to pay hundreds of millions to professional Jewish shills and spindoctors!

Anwar is calm, cool, and creative in adversities. This is what is confusing and panicking Najib, Mahathir and UMNO

Anwar, you are wrong. Dr. M is the Supreme Devil not NAJIB. The rest is his legion who does all the dirty work for him.


So far, all of UMNO’s presidents have been elevated to the premiership of the country without getting mandate of the people.

Tunku Abdul Rahman was installed as Malaysia’s first prime minister with the approval and support of the British and not be a popular vote.

Tun Abdul Razak replaced the Tunku via an internal party coup using the infamous May 13, 1969 racial riots as the excuse. Till now, many political veterans believe it was the ambitious Abdul Razak who instigated the street killings that left dozens dead and unaccounted for – all in a bid to topple his boss and to take over the top position in the country.

Tun Hussein Onn, the brother-in-law of Abdul Razak, then took over the premiership when the latter died a few years later.

Then in 1981, Tun Mahathir Mohamad took over from Hussein when the latter resigned due to weak health.

Mahathir ruled for 22 years before handing over the baton to Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in 2003.

In 2009, following another internal party coup backed by Mahathir, Prime Minister Najib Razak – the eldest son of second premier Abdul Razak – took over from Badawi. The grounds for Badawi’s ouster was that he had not governed well and that had led to the UMNO-BN losing control of 5 states to the Opposition.

So again, it can be seen that Najib – the 6th prime minister – was not elected through the ballot boxes but ‘promoted’ to the post by his own party which felt justified in doing so because it holds the largest number of seats in Parliament. Najib was a prime mover in Badawi’s ouster and his elevation to the PM’s chair was his reward.

Who will be the 7th PM

Now talk is rife that there will be another power tussle in UMNO. Najib’s own deputy Muhyiddin Yassin is next in line to be rewarded by the UMNO warlords. To earn their support, all he needs to do is to crack the whip and turn Malaysia into a hardline authoritarian regime so that the ruling elite in UMNO can continue to remain in power and control the nation’s wealth.

The 64-year-old Muhyiddin had helped Najib to topple Badawi. It is now time for his reward but while chances are high that he will replace Najib as the UMNO president within the next 12 months, it is unlikely that Muhyiddin will make it as the 7th prime minister of Malaysia.

It evident to pundits that the Pakatan Rakyat led by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim is gaining strength by the day. On the lips of the ordinary folk are already the prediction that the Pakatan will sweep to power PROVIDED there is no cheating at the ballot boxes.

A Pakatan victory would spell the first regime change in Malaysia since the country declared its independence from British rule in 1957. Obviously such a landmark development cannot happen without triggering a major response from UMNO.

Within the UMNO leadership is now a mixture of disbelief, anguish, panic and above all sheer funk that the people will finally cut them loose and punish them for 5 decades of perceived mis-governance and alleged corruption. UMNO leaders have tried every trick in the book except to do the right thing – which is to ‘fess’ up and reform.

Racial and religious politicking – their main strategy of the past decades – and which they have resorted to no longer work. The latest use of violence, political thuggery, lawsuits, sex and smut have only turned the nation further away from the UMNO-BN.

The Malays and the non-Malays

Through the decades, political watchers have said that UMNO’s presidents and top leaders were propped up by their own party machinery. The party’s stranglehold on the federal government allowed them to gerrymander and bend the rules unabashedly. They won past elections through cheating and not because they truly had the support of the Malays – who form some 55% of the country’s 28 million population.

But as the saying goes, every dog has its day and it is time for the UMNO elite to get their just deserts. The ordinary Malays who have been left out of the gravy train, getting only the crumbs, now feel the pinch due to runaway inflation and costs. They are unhappy and they are angry. Most cannot afford to own homes in the urban areas, where prices have sky-rocketed due to the government’s insistence on a loose monetary policy, reliance on pump priming and debt activities to satisfy business cronies and to stem further loss of popularity with the masses.

As for the non-Malays, they have been taken for so many ‘rides’ that they no longer believe in anything the UMNO-BN leaders say. UMNO-BN does not need them and they do not need UMNO-BN! Left to weather the harsh winds on their own, most of them – although not all – have been able to develop their ability to compete educationally and economically on a global basis. The ‘muscle’ they have built for themselves is inspiring – if only UMNO would allow it to be recognized, acknowledged and used in their home country.

Of the people, for the people and by the people

As for UMNO members and supporters, they have been encouraged to be ‘insular’ and ‘introverted’ – to look no further than the party’s interests. Perhaps this is why many do not realize that Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Abdul Razak, Tun Hussein Onn, Tun Mahathir, Tun Abdullah Badawi and Najib are not the Prime Ministers of the people, for the people and by the people. Perhaps they do not understand why it should make a difference.

Instead, it is accepted in UMNO culture for their bigwig leaders to hold the “Queen” position. As in an ant colony, the Queen Ant is entitled to be fed, groomed and protected, so too are the UMNO elite honored and even ‘worshipped’. Until it is deemed timely to replace the ‘Queen’ for the safety of the overall habitat that is – much like the current and past plots to overthrow the incumbent and previous UMNO presidents.

Perhaps this is why there is now so much trouble and turmoil in UMNO-BN. True leaders are installed by the majority of the people. For a multi-racial country like Malaysia, it is therefore pertinent to also have the support of all the races – not just the support of one’s own party.

Although, UMNO-BN have boasted that they are endorsed by all the ethnic groups, the fact is that UMNO is supported by the UMNO Malays, MCA by MCA Chinese, MIC by MIC Indians while Gerakan and PPP are supported by the people at the fringes. Sarawak BN is ‘sponsored’ by its controversial Chief Minister Taib Mahmud, with Sarawakians having no say in their own state government! Sabah BN too have fooled Sabahans into supporting them and there is nothing that the people of Sabah can do about it except to vote out these bogus self-serving leaders at the next general election.

A true leader

True leaders have their own traits, stature, charisma, aura, style, ideologies, ideas, struggles and vision. Greats like Nelson Mandela are humble, with a world view that is non-racist despite having often been victims of apartheid systems or bigotry or both. They are simple folk, with charisma and their own personal dignity. They also have the ability to put their personal interests at the bottom of their list and those of the majority at the top.

In Malaysia, the hero of the Malays was Anwar Ibrahim. Despite the all-out attempts by Mahathir and now Najib to tarnish him with fabricated sodomy charges, he remains a figure of respect within his community. Although his super-star status was diminished during his years in jail, he is now back in the saddle and resurgent.

No doubt Anwar is not perfect but he is respected by other world leaders and recognized as being a prime minister designate by many global powers. Nelson Mandela is a ‘black’ who struggled for the betterment of all people in South Africa – not just his own marginalized black community. Likewise, Anwar Ibrahim is Malay but he does not struggle for only the Malays but for all Malaysians as witness his tough stand on equitable wealth distribution and opportunities.

Recently, the sight of Anwar being greeted by thousands of cheering Malaysians at the Selangor Merdeka Eve celebration was an eye opener. It was an indicator not only of his popularity, but it also showed the people felt that he is the most appropriate leader to be the next Prime Minister.

The unprecedented show of spontaneous support for Anwar – especially in the Selangor state that the UMNO covets – has unnerved their top leaders. Their horse, Najib, should have been the one to have sparked that sort of public fervor and support from a crowd that was clearly multiracial. Unfortunately Najib failed here, and worse still, is now the butt of ridicule for having allegedly ordered photos to be ‘doctored’ so as to give an impression that he drew immense public support when the converse is true in reality.

Time for soul-searching is past

The time for UMNO to do serious soul-searching is past. Sad to say, it is too late and Malaysians are unlikely to wait anymore. UMNO and its BN partners will have to move to the side to heal themselves, while the Pakatan gets a shot at mending and reviving a nation, battered almost to death by the BN’s brutal racial supremacy policies and dishonest economic management.

No wonder, UMNO-BN are now ramping up their attacks against Anwar. If they shoot the ‘head’, the rest of the Pakatan will collapse like a house of cards. So goes the theory and the basis for the speculation that UMNO-BN will soon unveil several diabolical plots ahead of the 13the general election that Najib has hinted will be held in November. Unable to turn the tide of public favor to their side, Najib and team are expected to unleash their last string of aces in their sleeves soon.

Sex, thuggery, violence & lawsuits – the Devil’s cocktail!

What ‘trump cards’ will UMNO-BN pull out in the last lap?

Well, the prosecution’s appeal against Anwar’s acquittal for sodomy charges are set for November and the past circus of insinuations, name-calling and reputation tarring can be expected. Before this appeal takes place, Anwar and Azmin Ali, the PKR deputy president, will also face trial for having instigated the police brutality against the 250,000-strong crowd that thronged the Bersih 3.0 rally on April 28.

A slew of other Pakatan leaders such as PAS deputy president Mat Sabu, PKR vice president Tian Chua are also due to be questioned over their presence and roles in pro-democracy and clean election rallies including the ‘Janji Demokrasi’ Meredeka Eve celebrations in Kuala Lumpur. So too are Janji Demokrasi activists Samad Said and Maria Chin Abdullah. Neither has the Najib administration forgotten about civil society leader Ambiga Sreenevasan, the renowned Bersih co-chief, for organizing the nation’s largest ever peaceful gathering before the police turned on the crowds at Bersih 3.0.

Other Pakatan leaders including DAP MP for PJ Utara Tony Pua, PKR MP for Kuantan Fuziah Salleh, PKR MP for Ampang Zuraida Kamaruddin and Rafizi face a battery of legal suits launched in an apparent bid to gag and prevent them from further exposing corruption and environmental issues. The online media from The Malaysian Insider, Malaysiakini, FMT and Malaysia Chronicle have already been hit by lawsuits, including from Australian miner Lynas which controversially obtained a temporary operating licence to begin rare earth refinery operations in Gebang, Pahang in October.

The allegedly health hazardous use of cyanide at a gold mine in Raub – again in Najib’s home state of Pahang – that recently got Malaysians so upset that more than 15,000 congregated to protest is another time bomb waiting to explode. Already, the gold miner has threatened lawsuits in a bid to clamp down on negative publicity, but as activists have pointed out – such defensive action may well be at the expense of public knowledge and awareness.

So it looks like the battle for Malaysia will shift into higher gear – closer and closer to the Devil’s furnace as some have put. For sure, UMNO and its sister organizations will continue to fan racial and religious emotions in their bid to defend their traditional electorate – the Malays.

Sex will be another crucial ingredient in their making of the ultimate time bomb to destroy Anwar and team. However, after the Sodomy I, Sodomy II and the incredible Datuk T sex video, UMNO-BN now run the risk of a tremendous public backlash if they continue to use such smut and gutter politicking.

Not only is the grapevine buzzing with talk of another two sex video productions against Anwar and Azmin, even DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng will not be spared. Arch rival MCA president Chua Soi Lek is expected to go all out to destroy the Penang Chief Minister’s clean-cut image and tarnish his administration which has been praised for efficiency and innovation.

So let the Games Begin but be Warned. The chances are high the outcome will be that the next Malaysian leader won’t come from UMNO. He won’t be an UMNO president elevated by his party through internal coup, without a mandate from the people!

What just happened in American politics is not just that Charlotte mopped the floor with Tampa. It’s that Democrats connected with the country beyond their wildest dreams.

Here’s my fantasy: Coming out of their convention, Democrats will realize that their message sings.

It will dawn on them that eking out 270 electoral votes by winning 50.1 percent of the five percent of swing voters in eight battleground states is not what the days between now and November 6 are about. Instead, they will see Charlotte as a sign that a tidal wave can be coaxed to come in – a cleansing national wave of revulsion at the birthers, the Bachmanns, the Adelsons, the Roves, the Akins, the Limbaughs, the Trumps, the death panels, the marriage cops, the neocons, the science deniers, the debt-ceiling pyromaniacs, the arrogance of the bailed-out bankers, the cynicism of the post-truth liars, the thieves of the right to vote.

In these days after Charlotte, Democrats may discover that the rapt attention that met Bill Clinton’s explanation of Republican plans for Medicaid was way more than some wonky fluke in the convention hall. That patient thoughtfulness was present in millions of homes as well, in red counties as well as blue ones. It is evidence that Americans are fed up with being underestimated and condescended to. And in my fantasy, that experience goes on to empower the public to demand and receive a discourse that does not insult its intelligence.

Instead of running away from their record, instead of fearing their opponents’ fear mongering, imagine if Democrats – in Deval Patrick’s words – grew a backbone. Instead of being intimidated by focus-grouped catcalls like “class warfare” and “the blame game,” instead of being passive enablers of slanders like “the failed stimulus” and the “government takeover of health care,” imagine if Democrats persist in contesting and refuting Republican mythology and successfully reframe the terms of debate.

In my fantasy, Democrats repeat the story they finally told in Charlotte: In the Senate, from the outset of the administration, Mitch McConnell had no higher goal for the nation than making Obama a one-term president, and he wielded the filibuster more relentlessly and destructively than ever before in our history. In the House, beginning on the evening of Obama’s inauguration, Paul Ryan and his caucus committed themselves to obstructionism, to redefining bipartisanship as treason and compromise as capitulation, to defeating anything that could redound to Democrats’ credit, even laws that they themselves once championed, even at the cost of harming their country.

Today, Congressional Republicans openly acknowledge that they would be as obstructionist in a second Obama term as they’ve been in his first. There is no evidence that the reelection of the president would make the ideologues who’ve held the country hostage these past four years any less determined to put party above country. In order to prevent the future from being a noxious rerun, why shouldn’t the Democrats invite Americans to do the one thing that would truly be a game-changer? In my fantasy, Democrats ask for, campaign for and win majorities in the House and Senate, and on the first day of the new Congress they use their Senate majority to lower the number of votesneeded to cut off a filibuster.

Charlotte can be a bounce, or it can be a tipping point. What Sister Simone Campbell said about the meaning of being pro-life; what John Kerry said about the moral source of American strength; what Sandra Fluke demonstrated about dignity; what Julian Castrosaid about holding a microphone instead of a mop; what Michelle Obama said about values worth more than money; when Elizabeth Warren said the system was rigged against us; when Joe Biden explained “the Bain way”; when Kal Penn said his buddy Kevin’s boyfriend is his inspiration; when Barack Obama nailed Grover Norquist with “Feel a cold coming on? Take two tax cuts, roll back some regulations and call us in the morning”: In my fantasy, in the weeks ahead, these become more than memorable moments. They become a tsunami.

Yes, I know that smart analysts like Nate Silver have been saying that control of the Senate looks like a tossup, and that betting markets have been giving Democrats 4-to-1 odds against winning back the House. But that was before Charlotte, before “arithmetic” andclimate change were rediscovered. Sure, billions of ad dollars will be spent to broadcast millions of minutes of brainwashing, but nothing requires Americans to prove the futility of resisting it.

The most beautiful word spoken in Charlotte was “citizenship.” It was thrilling to watch our president reanimate it. Imagine an America where citizenship is not defined by Citizens United. A fantasy? Maybe. But that won’t stop me from dreaming of a wave.

— Now the campaign ad crush and TV spending spree really begins in the presidential race.

The TV ad campaign, with total spending expected to swell to $1.1 billion, starts up again now that the party conventions are over and the two-month sprint to the general election is under way. Just over one-third of that amount has been spent so far, according to the Kantar/Campaign Media Analysis Group, which tracks campaign ad spending.

That means the campaigns and independent groups will spend more on the air in the final eight weeks of the presidential contest than they did in the first five months.

The biggest change is on the Republican side, with Mitt Romney now free to tap millions in general election funds he had collected but could not spend until becoming the party’s official nominee. That means the GOP’s significant spending advantage over President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies will grow, making it the first time that an incumbent will have been outspent on the air.

National polls show Obama and Romney in a virtual dead heat, but only eight states are considered true battlegrounds: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia. Obama carried them all against Republican John McCain in 2008, but they are too close to call for now.

Flush with new cash, the Romney campaign poured nearly $5 million into ads in those states beginning this weekend. A series of state-specific ads hit Obama on defense spending, business regulations and housing; another ad uses President Bill Clinton’s words from the 2008 primary race against Obama.

Republican-leaning independent groups led by the American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS kept Romney in the game throughout the summer while he regrouped from a tough GOP primary contest. Priorities USA Action, the only significant pro-Obama super PAC, has been far outpaced by the conservative-leaning groups.

Those and other independent groups emerged after a 2010 Supreme Court decision loosened campaign finance laws, allowing wealthy individuals to spend unlimited sums on political activity as long as they stay separate from the campaigns themselves. The Crossroads groups are backed by former President George W. Bush’s longtime political counselor Karl Rove. Americans for Prosperity, another pro-Romney group, was founded by the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch.

Together, the Crossroads groups spent about $66 million on ads through the end of August. Of that, $58 million came from Crossroads GPS, which is organized as a social welfare group under tax laws and thus does not have to disclose its donors. AFP, which also does not disclose its donors, spent $35.2 million during that time.

The Obama campaign spent $166 million on ads through Aug. 30, compared with $74 million by the Romney campaign and $22 million by the Republican National Committee. But now, with Romney’s general election resources available and the Republican-leaning groups continuing to air ads, the Obama campaign seems set to be swamped on TV.

“It will be no holds barred on the Republican side. All that money the Obama campaign has been expecting Romney to spend on ads will finally start to flow,” Kantar/CMAG vice president Elizabeth Wilner said. “The Obama campaign is betting on their message, while the Romney campaign is betting on tonnage.”

Obama campaign officials acknowledged Friday how outmatched they are by Republicans on TV but said they had enough money to compete. They said their ability to identify voters and get them to the polls would help offset the advertising disadvantage.

Romney and the independent groups spent $245 million on ads through the end of August while Obama and his allies spent $188 million, according to information from media buyers provided to The Associated Press. Obama’s team front-loaded its ad spending in the spring, but Republicans caught up in June and began outspending Obama by mid-July, often by a 2-1 margin.

Republicans abandoned their efforts in Michigan and Pennsylvania after hoping to make those Democratic-leaning states competitive for Romney.

The GOP hopeful was born in and grew up in Michigan, where his father served as a popular two-term governor. Pennsylvania has a large population of white, working-class voters, which has long been one of Obama’s weakest demographic groups. A significant shift in momentum for Romney could put those and other states back in play.

Carl Forti, a top adviser to the Crossroads groups and Restore Our Future, another pro-Romney super PAC, said the battleground map “absolutely” could expand and that, if it does, the Republican-leaning groups will be eager to take advantage.

“For people who have only partially been paying attention until now, we have an opportunity to win them over,” Forti said. “As long as they’re disgruntled with the current president, they’ll continue to look elsewhere.”

Both sides are looking at Wisconsin as a potential new battleground after Romney named Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate. Americans for Prosperity and Restore Our Future each spent about $2 million there earlier in the campaign after Republicans beat back a Democratic- and union-backed effort to recall GOP Gov. Scott Walker. Priorities USA Action has recently begun airing ads in Wisconsin, where polls still show Obama leading Romney.