Najib call election now beware of Muhyiddin’s trap his political language to oust you immediately

Najib wants to do a Mahathir on Muhyiddin (assuming he has the courage), his biggest problem is that he has only clowns to choose from – such as Hishammuddin, Nazri, Zahid, Rais etc. That is how shallow the talent pool of Umno is. Scary isn’t it?


Never in the history of Umno, not even during the last PM Abdullah Badawi’s time, that a PM of the country who is also the president of Umno has been challenged quite openly (though elusively and subtlely) by his deputy. This is the begining of the end of the regime when implosion starts to get out of hand.  Since the tag team of Najib Abdul Razak and Muhyiddin Yassin took over the reins of BN in 2009, the prime minister and deputy prime minister have attempted to project a united front.There is a strong third party involved -Dr Mahathir. However I believe Mahathir is on neither side – he is only on the side of his son, Mukhriz Mahathir and his legacy. Mahathir uses the only strategy Umno are good at: ‘divide and rule’. From his various statements when concerning both leaders, his stands were never clear-cut and obvious. It is hard to read and only leave many mere speculations. His balancing act of pitting and/or indirectly benefiting from the rivalry from the two top leaders was meant to be perfected to push up Mukhriz up the ladder to the top leadership of the government. To Mahathir the highest bidder wins. Now do you know why Mahathir was able to rule almost unchallenged for 22 years? Choose your description of him: cunning,crafty,shrewd,slyness or skillful,clever or adroit. He is all that.
Mahathir, being the coward that he is, will not want to side what he sees to be the stronger person. Stronger person taking a leadership position will soon shove him aside. Weaker person on the other hand will come to depend on him. So if he sees Najib to be the weaker person he will side Muhyiddin thinking that ultimately he is the strongest of the three

UMNO is no guarantee that the party will be able to get over the anti-incumbency effect of being in office for so long. Because Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has been in public life now for two decades he has a public image much stronger than Najib Mysterious posters supporting Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin appearing in many …Read more

Leaked documents to put Najib in a spot?

So it seems Datuk Rockybru leading a media onslaught against our Perdana Mentri Datuk Seri Najib Razak.Many in Tan Sri Muhyiddin and Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein’s camp have also claimed the work of the opposition.
Like the information on what Datuk Seri Dr Alies Anor Abdul is up to. Now maybe If Tun Daim has an oracle And stop insulting my intelligence by dismissing it as an opposition tactic to drive a wedge between Najib and Muhyiddin.
For once, that Barking Magpie maybe on to something.The split is real. And the traitors are led by Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein , Raja Nong Chik and those funding Datuk Rocky. So to those who still support Najib, watch it when you are in the presence of Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Husseinand Rocky.
And joining them soon is Datuk Seri Alies Anor Abdul.
Who is he? Alies is the chairman of Putra World Trade Centre, the grand Umno HQ. But crucially he has been a long-time servant of Najib and is now one of his closest advisers.
But he recently had a major fallout with his boss over the advice to crack down on the Bersih activists.
He led the team of advisers who won the day after a late night session with the PM just before the rally. The advice that won the day was for PM to allow his sepupu to crack down on the rally, and to allow Muhyiddin to play the hardline champion.
The result as PM realises now is that he has been forced to the right of centre and is no longer able to portray himself as a moderate leader for the country.
And the result of Alies falling out with PM is this – he has threaten to work for Muhyiddin.
This is also because PM is not supporting his bid for the airport cargo scanner project.
Alies has been the man behind the rise of Najib, since the days of the Wawasan team when Najib was part of Anwar Ibrahim’s gang poised to take over from Dr Mahathir.
He was Najib’s political secretary between 1999 and 2005, and so the fallout is a very serious matter indeed.
But now because of money and power, he wants more and is willing to help Muhyiddin if Najib doesn’t help him.
Najib is now being threatened and basically blackmailed by his own adviser. Of course Alies is not the only one.
One by one, the sepupu, Rockybru, Alies are all poised to jump ship to Muhyiddin’s side.
This may not happen immediately but they have given notice and are looking after their own futures.
Remember, the big elections soon may not be the general election. It may well be the next Umno elections.
Taib have already spoken to Muhyiddin Yassin about his continue as CM in Sarawak and Muhyiddin Yassin did agreed to his request. Taib is pouring his resources behind Muhyiddin Yassin in an attempt to dethrone Najis for good. That is why Taib is poking at najib nose n fear nothing ?
Come April, Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s self-imposed deadline to step down will expire, but there is little sign that it will happen,

Muhiddin want to oust Najib immediately to take the helm. Najib has been doing things on his own without the backing of the entire BN component parties. Najib is also very uncertain about the elections and this is not good for the business community in M’sia.but good for Muhiddin and his gang This rift in Umno is good as it can be a downfall for Najib

Saboteurs in UMNO, disgruntled members who are not chosen as candidates and “frogs” who have no pond to swim from outsiders are aplenty. All have their own agendas : their selfish motives. Let us look at some instances where Najib and Mudyuddin have differences. 1. Najib’s “1 Malaysia ” ( which is suppsoedly an inclusive concept ) was shot down when his Deputy declared that he was ” Malay first” , which means that he was Malaysian second. Will a Malaysian accept him as one in line with a Malaysian? No? 2. While Najib was decalring war against extremists and racists at UN, at home a Principal made derogatory remarks against Non-Malays. What action did the Deputy do? Just transfer her to desk job ! This amounts to “sweeping the racist under his carpet.” Even teh PM, when he came home, dared not take action; he kept mum! 3. No review of 114A Evidence Act by Deputy while Najib was away! All these acts of sabotage?

UMNO’s dastardly behaviour are like any other dastardly empire. Take the Romans for example, each emperor is game for assasination and being toppled by the next in line. That explains why their leaders never last because the ones under them lusts for power as well. Absolute power corrupts absolutely from the leaders, to the next in line to the bottom of the food chain. Everyone wants to be at the top and no one is safe. UMNO will not be destroyed from the outside but will crumble from within. They reap what they sow and their distriction is from their own making. Anyone who is familiar with world history and empires of the past will tell you that UMNO’s greatest enemy is itself. It will eventually kill it’s own and bring forth their own doom. History repeats itself.Umno is in disarray now unlike the internal power struggle during Mahathir days. Now the internal power struggle within Umno is just not between 2 personalities/camps anymore because time has altered many things. Directly national aspirations and issues are involved, not just issues confronting the Malays only. Those days Mahathir just needed at the end of the day to play his racist card to unite the Malays by just inventing an external enemy for Umno to unite Umnoputras but nowadays with better education, exposure and the alternative media the role of a bogeyman is effective enough as a diversion to cover up the bitter struggle within Umno. The political landscape and political consciousness of the country and Malaysians are different and has changed since 308. Now we have a “Malay first” Umnoputra trying to unseat a ‘progressive” Umnoputra. It is like the concept of “Malaysia” versus “Malay Land” and Umno have to decide path the country should embark on for its sake and future.
Perkasa chief Mahathir said Muhyiddin Yassin is a better and capable leader compared to Najib..time to leave with his FLOM (Fat lady of malaysia) for the betterment of the country. people had been wondering what underachiever actually means. “In our political language, it implies the country’s prime minister is ‘politically impotent’,” he said The future of Malaysia rests with the voter and it is the responsibility of voters to be entirely honest and true in the process of casting their votes Never in the history of Umno, not even during the last PM Abdullah Badawi’s time, that a PM of the country who is also the president of Umno has been challenged quite openly (though elusively and subtlely) by his deputy. This is the begining of the end of the regime when implosion starts to get out of hand.The failure to conform to the tenets and obligations of true democracy and the dissension and discord that is now beginning to spew is set to witness a call for leaders with the well being of the nation and its people to come forward and take over the reins of power, from the obviously inept and corrupt, to administer with truth and integriti Much as most Malaysians dislike the leadership style of Najib, i think most will prefer Najib to  ( i am Malay first) . Big Moo is a throwback to old feudalistic style of leadership. And Malaysia cannot afford to go backwards.
Behind the scenes, political machinations at the party level also appear to be at work.

According to PKR sources, it is believed that an Umno faction aligned to Muhyiddin was responsible for leaking the Ampang LRT line extension documents which points to Najib’s alleged hand in the controversial award to George Kent (Malaysia) Bhd.

PKR had used the documents to put the premier in a spot by alleging that Najib had intervened in the project’s open tender process in favour of George Kent consortium which chairperson Tan Kay Hock has been described as the former’s golfing buddy.

When contacted, PKR director of strategy Rafizi Ramli, who was responsible for exposing the scandal, said the documents were anonymously dropped off at the PKR headquarters.

“Unlike the National Feedlot Corporation documents where I had spoken to some people, the George Kent documents was dropped at the PKR headquarters in an envelope.

“All the documents were complete so it was up to me on how to make use of them. As to who was behind the documents, that’s a subject of speculation.” said Rafizi (right).

The contradictory signals sent out by the government – sometimes dismissed as simply another case of flip-flopping – may be derived from Najib’s and Muhyiddin’s contrasting approaches and styles of leadership.

This was apparent when the the premier who conceived the 1Malaysia slogan was forced to dodge a simple question: “Are you a Malaysian first, or are you a Malay first?”

“I won’t respond in a way that will divide me and my deputy. In Malaysia, that can be very dangerous,” Najib had replied at a student conference July last year.

He was referring to Muhyiddin’s response to the exact question in 2010 where the deputy prime minister declared himself as Malay first.

Clash of ideologies

For the Umno old guards still nostalgic about former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s era, Muhyiddin, 65, would would appear a more favourable choice for leader.

Najib’s’s accommodative style of leadership has seen him more willing to accede not only to communal demands such as the expansion of vernacular education but also – to some extent – in tolerating internal dissent.

In contrast, Muhyiddin is more assertive in his approach, being less willing to concede ground from the status quo even if it meansruffling the feathers of BN partners.

An example was in June when Muhyiddin who is also Education Minister shot down calls to review the status quo on the number of Chinese independent schools despite mounting pressure on MCA from the Chinese community.

However, he backtracked two days later after discussing the matter with Najib and the cabinet.

Najib’s tenure has also seen gradual phasing out of ethnocentric policies, such as the liberalisation of industry sub-sectors under the New Economic Model (NEM) and the reduction of bumiputera quota for the Public Service Department scholarships from 90 percent to 60 percent.

For the conservatives in Umno which still comprise the bulk of the party, the encroachment into such quotas is an erosion of Malay dominance.

Najib, 59, has faced unprecedented push backs from within his own ranks and Umno-friendly organisations that traditionally would not publicly hit out at the Umno president.

The Malay Chambers of Commerce Malaysia had flayed Najib for not providing any contracts to its members for the MRT project while right-wing Malay rights group Perkasa had demanded that bumiputera quota for scholarships and economic equity be retained.

While the friction may appear driven by the ambitions of Najib and Muhyiddin for the premiership, it reflects a larger ideological struggle within Umno where both leaders must pander to their respective bases.

Najib who is BN chief and has his political career on the line in the next general election, must appeal to all Malaysians while Muhyiddin who is in a safer position, is more likely to accede to party demands.

Political opponents aware of the precarious balance have attempted to capitalise on this by attempting to further drive a wedge between the duo.

Last week, posters calling for Muhyiddin to be made prime minister before the next general election to “save BN” were distributed at shopping malls in Muhyiddin’s home state of Johor.

Johor Umno had since lodged a police report over the matter, claiming it to be an act of sabotage.

Preventing deja vu

In July, Muhyiddin publicly nudged Najib into holding polls this year.

“I don’t think the wait will go into next year. However, it depends on the prime minister, but I’ve told him that this year is the best time (for the general election),” he had told the Batu Umno division at its annual delegates meeting.

Though the deputy prime minister had acknowledged the prerogative remains with premier, the public nudging before Umno grassroots is expected to apply pressure on Najib.

Umno has seen its fair share of friction between its top two leaders which helm the prime ministership and deputy prime ministership.

Mahathir’s 22-year tenure saw three deputy prime ministers namely Musa Hitam (left), Ghafar Baba and Anwar Ibrahim being deposed before the reins were handed over to former premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

In 2009, it was Abdullah who became a casualty when he led BN to its worst performance in the 2008 general election. The attack to unseat him was not led by his then deputy Najib, but by Muhyiddin who was at that time trade minister.

Mindful that this could happen again, Najib has refused to rush the polls, meticulously setting the stage for the next general election as failing to outperform Abdullah might mean suffering the same fate as his predecessor.