Najib taken captive by Umno’s right-wing the work of Mahathir and Muhyuddin team

NAJIB YOU MUST  FINISH ANWAR AT ANY COST Poor Najib is in the pocket of ultra right-wing forces.  they needs to  use hang on to the power.


Mahathir’s take on the election results was revealing- he felt that the problem lay in the absence of a strong grassroots network which did not convert positive intention into delivered votes while Najib complained of there being too many leaders on the ground. In both cases, what is interesting is that the analysis is in effect a reiteration of a worldview that is pre-existing. What is in effect being said is that the top-down approach of the UMNO works just fine; the only hitch is that there is no one at the bottom to utilise that advantage. When it is said that there are too many leaders, the subtext is that the party has all the leaders it needs in the members of the family; what it lacks are committed followers who are able to convert charisma into votes.One would imagine that there is nothing more real or sobering than election results for nothing makes reality more naked than hard cold numbers. And yet, because it is so difficult to disaggregate election results and tease out different strands of influences at work, what tends to happen is that the results serve to reinforce existing positions rather than act as a wake-up call for the parties in question.One would imagine that there is nothing more real or sobering than election results for nothing makes reality more naked than hard cold numbers. And yet, because it is so difficult to disaggregate election results and tease out different strands of influences at work, what tends to happen is that the results serve to reinforce existing positions rather than act as a wake-up call for the parties in question.

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Dato’ Mohd.Ariff Sabri bin Hj. Abdul Aziz.
Well said and an extremely accurate analysis of the causes and the consequences of Mahathir’s rule.You should send this copy Mahathir and our current cabinet ministers plus the RAKYAT especially the Malays for their feedback,It is better to realise ones own folly early and rectify the mistakes rather than to regret forever.Good article that should be published in our mainstream mediaREADMORE

that it is impossible to remain neutral on a moving train and if I came across anyone advocating such nonsense, I would be the first in line to fire off a few salvos, but after 55 years of BN rule and a real shot at changing government, we seem to be stuck in the rut of holding political parties beyond criticism of any kind.

Besides, the last place one can claim “neutrality” is here in Malaysia because Umno has made it impossible for a certain section of the voting public to view the current ruling coalition as anything but power hungry plutocrats bent on retaining power at any cost.

The Companies Commission of Malaysia on orders from co-ordinated hands mahathir and his working overtime meeting of 6 government agencies to investigate plunge in the final sword and send Njib to Timbuktu “Whenever there is a complaint or a report which specifies suspicious activity, that is when we will investigate all matters in detail. It is not selective. If there is any suspicion, we will take action Najib cant possibly call GE within his term with the various scandals cropping up every so often! the work of mahathir and mahyuddin team Perhaps he could convene a parliament sitting to extend his term! Dont look at me like that! Malaysia Just look at the recent unrecogniseable right to peaceful assembly act hastily implemented! Also the 114A act to shut bloggers up An act that says you are guilty The onus is on you to prove your inncencence A 180 degree twist! The remedy is to remove the virus!Someone in UMNO CCM, MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission), Bank Negara, ROS (Registrar of Societies), the police and Home Ministry – are obviously conspiring to bring down is trying very hard to sabotage Najib. Going after Suaram is a sure sign that allegations surfacing in the French Scorpene investigation are real and damaging to Najib.
by hook or by crook.All of us, including the NGOs, must come out strongly to condemn such vindictive action by government agencies. They will come up with some obscure law to get rid of Najib It is the rule by law, instead of rule of law.Indeed,Mahathir and muhyuddin is using a sledgehammer to pound yet another nail into UMNO coffin.

This is the work of the Malaysian Talibans whose years of making easy money for doing nothing has now been disrupted

A successful liberal democracy has three elements, says Francis Fukuyama in his sparkling new book, The Origins of Political Order. It has a strong authority to allow quick and decisive action; a transparent rule of law to ensure the action is legitimate; and it is accountable to the people. Combining these three elements is not …Read more

 Najib is making the same mistake to defend the decision not to review section 114A, similar to what he did when his deputy claimed he is Malay first, Malaysian second.His deputy went against what he had tweeted when he was away overseas. His leadership and command will be in jeopardy if he doesn’t put his foot down.Why did Najib instruct the cabinet to discuss the 114A in the wake of criticisms? But the cabinet which was chaired by DPM Muhyiddin Yassin decided not to review it. Did Najib get the message?

Acts of low class cowards!Nevertheless, thanks to you devils in helping to make it much more easier for the voters, especially the fence-sitters and those yet-to-be-totally-bastardized voters to decide when next they cast their votes.
 Mahathir’s Perkasa are at the back. with  our police closing one eye. why dont the public take care of them Penang DAP HQ attacked, third time in 13 monthsThe newly-minted Penang DAP headquarters – Wisma DAP – on Jalan Rangoon was today found smeared with red paint following an early dawn attack.At one time there was a group going around temples demolishing deities, Once and for all they were taught a lesson and till now we dont hear abt demolishing
Najib, please you cant keep mum! This silence will encourage further hooliganism and gansterism! While you have grown fat and pinky by our financing you have forgotten who you serve! You have taken leave of your senses! Are you waiting for bodies crushed before you take action!Goes to show the kind of leadership and mentality DAP detractors have! Like a fish which starts to rot from head down, they sure surround themselves with imbeciles that do not threaten a leadership that does not deserve to be there!Police said thorough investigation but NO ARREST unless it is BN property. See how desperate BN is, turning to hooliganism.

Life is the journey to the destination

Tennis legend, Martina Navratilova once said, “the moment of victory is much too short to live for that and nothing else.” We are often told that the journey is more important than the destination, but so many of us are in such a bloody rush to get to winning post, that it’s often a costly exercise. Whenever I see people with permanently etched frowns, run ragged with exhaustion, constantly irritable with those around, or frequently riddled with health issues due to lowered immunities and stress having taking its toll I wonder whether the satisfaction of the moment of victory will be worth all of it and if they will spend as much time basking in it as they did to achieve it. But that rarely happens, because barely do we reach our goals without immediately getting another one. A particular toy, a cycle, a motorbike, a small car, then a bigger car, then a luxury car, perhaps two…  a job, a better job, better company, higher position… a flat of your own to rent, then one to buy, then a bigger one, then a better neighbourhood and building, a villa, perhaps a farm house…. we set non-stop new goals, and are slave driven by them. Nothing wrong having goals and a purpose that may give you a sense of self worth, but was it worth losing out on living life itself? Ask yourself if reaching the last goalpost was worthy of what it cost you personally or was it one that entailed a journey who’s stress outlived, outshone and took a toll on you, your health and your loved ones. Life is what passes you by while you’re making plans. Carpe diem! Seize the moment! Enjoy today, make it special, and make it fun and memorable, because this very moment is what the beautiful journey of life is all about.
I am 31 and am still single. sometimes I feel quite desperate – I recently had sex in the lift with the liftman. He has a great body so i have no regrets. There have been other flings like this quite often. Am I turning into a nymphomaniac?

While it’s okay to have sex without attachment, it’s also necessary to assess your indiscriminate patterns.  If it’s anonymity you seek, the liftman who will brag to the watchmen and other drivers in your building is certainly not your best bet. If it’s just sex you crave, make sure you’re well protected from disease and physical harm. There are a lot of weird people out there. If you yearn for a relationship, you need to focus on finding a good man. There are many dating sites on the internet you can scour for potential suitors. It doesn’t hurt to visit a therapist if you feel your hormones have taken over your head and heart.

My best friend is a very attractive girl. We are in our late twenties and work in an advertising company. we are too all time together and one day we got drunk and made out. Now i feel very awkward. Should i stop seeing her?

Best friends make for the best relationships. However, if you feel differently about it and choose to not take the relationship to the next level then talk to her openly. After all, she’s your best friend and you should be able to discuss all your dilemmas with her. One night of drunken revelry cannot break a strong friendship!

Nobody can protect you better than yourself! Trust your instincts and fight back!

It is a sad reflection on our society that women feel unsafe and unprotected not just on deserted roads and car parks, but even in their own homes. Young lawyer Pallavi Purkayastha was attacked and killed by her watchman in what should be the most secure place — her own bedroom! Pallavi’s case has shaken the confidence of the bravest of girls. In the aftermath of the horrific news, a single friend asked in distress, “Does that mean we cannot trust any man?”

I hate to say this, but yes, it does seem like it. Better safe than sorry… or worse. When work and lifestyles dictate that women need to travel alone, live alone and commute alone, how does a woman ensure her own safety?

I think it is important to be prepared for the worst. However dire this may sound, the only way to defend yourself is to take measures against the worst that can happen. Most girls are caught unprepared. Make a note of your most vulnerable moments when you can be overpowered and guard against those.

Trust your womanly instincts about people and situations. Be alert to your surroundings and aware of the first signs of danger. If you feel someone is following you, step into a crowded place. Call a friend or relative to escort you back.

As you get into or out of your car, watch out for anyone lurking around or a single man in the car parked next to yours. Run back to safety if you are suspicious. Always walk confidently, don’t look lost. It is proven that criminals target the lost, scared-looking women. I read advice from a cop that said even if the assailant has a gun, try and get away; there is only 4 in 100 chance that he will be able to get a hit!

Feed in the police control room number or 100 into your speed dial. Also have a friend or relative on speed dial. When in vulnerable spots, keep a pepper spray handy. Spray it into the eyes of an assailant. A perfume bottle or hairspray are good alternatives. Supreme Court lawyer Shilpi Jain urges single women to learn self-defence techniques and apply for licenced pistols, to keep in touch with neighbours and call the police patrol at the first sign of danger. “The law is clear that in self-defence you can attack anybody though you must not harm them more than necessary.”

Politeness could be your undoing. Never open the door to a stranger when alone nor stop to help another in a deserted area. Call the cops instead. When a mechanic or plumber is due home for work, request a neighbour or friend to be present.

Door keys should never be left in obvious places. Once inside, do not leave them next to the main door. This is the mistake Pallavi made. Dress appropriately, as per occasion. Clothes that may seem appropriate inside a bar will look provocative when alone in a deserted area.

Remember we live in a world of sharp contrasts — the haves and the have-nots, the educated and the uneducated, the cultured and the uncultured. To flash wealth or flesh, or to be perceived to be free with your favours, is to tip the balance, and invite trouble!

This was the headline of the NY Times‘ “Room for Debate” section in the wake of the attack that killed the US Ambassador to Libya in Benghazi. Not “Is Arming an Insurgency that Includes Anti-American Jihadis Who Will Unquestionably Wind Up Attacking You a Good Idea?” Not “Does Continuing to Support Undemocratic Monarchs and Dictators in a Region Where People Already Are Angry at US for Decades of Doing So Complicate Diplomacy?”

And certainly not “Did Tens of Billions of Dollars in US Aid to Mubarak While His Government Engaged in and Supported Systematic Violence Against Egyptian Copts Just Come Back to Haunt US in Libya?” Readers wondering “Why Do Religions that Preach Love, Peace, Justice and Forgiveness Seem to Propagate So Much Hatred, War, Injustice and Revenge?” were left to search newspapers of lesser renown to find the beginnings of an answer to this most pertinent question.

Of course, there is absolutely no justification for the attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and several of his entourage as well as Libyan security personnel. And yes, the attacks, and the larger anti-American protests in which they took place, remind us about the powerful strain of unchecked and often unthinking – certainly uncritical – anger and revenge that defines Islam for millions of its adherents.

The unrestrained anger against a YouTube clip has even led to outrage among some Syrian activists, with one tweeting that “the only thing that seems to mobilise the Arab street is a movie, a cartoon or an insult, but not the pool of blood in Syria”.

But if the world’s paper of record is going to ask questions in the wake of an attack like this week’s in Libya, surely it could have done better than this.

A history of violence

Among the many lessons to be learned from the strange, sordid tale of Sam Bacile – aka Nakoula Basseley Nakoula; and who knows what other names – and the “film” (if one can call it that) he apparently made, teaches us, is one that the religious oppression, hatred and violence is a toxic brew that, as Martin Luther King, Jr., so eloquently reminded us, inevitably begets more of the same.

This is the kind of politics that Mahathir believes in Keep up the violence,PERKASA gangsters PDRM gives you full support! Under the auspisces of Perkida, we have a legalised uniformed national gangster troop who uses violence and threats to turn Malaysia into a pariah country. RAAJNEETI SIK RAKYAT’S EXPECTATION NAJIB, FROM WHOM IS YOUR INDEPENDENCE TO BE DEFENDED? Today, the …Read more