Najib the clock is ticking every minutes lost is you are loosing the voters

Sad to say, there was no one of authority to take Anwar’s questions. If Najib and his Cabinet had hoped that by snubbing Anwar and the federal Opposition, they could quell criticism over the Budget, they are likely to be wrong.

The situation for the BN worsened until the Speaker of the House was forced to cut short Anwar’s Budget rebuttal, a move unprecedented in Malaysian parliamentary history. The move to limit Anwar’s speaking time underscores Najib’s nervousness over his Budget 2013 package – which many pundits have said was his last political ‘bullet’ to win GE13.

“It has backfired. People are already suspicious of Najib’s Budget 2013. Everyone is calling it an Election Budget with nothing of substance to cure the economic ills. By not daring to come to Parliament and face up to the Opposition, they only prove they are cowards and there is something wrong that they cannot answer to and therefore have to hide. The facts are simply that they have run of out funds, ideas and solutions for Malaysia,

realize soon that UMNO’s political legitimacy. This must be a world’s first where the debate on a country’s budget is being conducted in the absence of its finance minister and all senior ministers., it is apparent that it is chasing a political strategy. If Parliament doesn’t work, no bills are passed, and the sense of policy paralysis amplifies. also realize that by obstructing a legally elected government from functioning, it is playing the role of a destructive opposition. At the very minimum, it can expect the same when  At the worst, it will be punished by the people for this.

“Lazy” and “cowardly” were among the unflattering terms Najib and team received from the Malaysian public on Monday. The Prime Minister, who had last week unveiled a controversial and much-panned budget for 2013, was nowhere to be seen in Parliament.

Neither was his deputy nor other senior members of the Cabinet, perhaps knowing they would have to face up to a tough Q&A session from Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and his Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

“The tradition is during the debate is for the Finance minister (Najib) to be here. But when I invite him to debate, he doesn’t dare. Now, even in Parliament, he doesn’t dare show up,” Anwar, a former Finance minister, ticked them off in Parliament.

“He lets his backbenchers defend (the budget) but they have never been in the Cabinet. They don’t know the figures and can only depend on the Departments of Statistics. The finance minister should give them some notes next time.”

Backbenchers fail to ‘protect’ Najib’s last bullet for GE13

Only backbenchers such as MP for Kota Belud Abdul Rahman Dahlan and Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin were left to hold the fort on Monday.

Abdul Rahman immediately got off on the wrong foot by insisting that the federal government was providing more money to all the states led by the Pakatan Rakyat than the revenue they collected themselves.

“You can question the numbers, but this is what the Department of Statistics is giving,” Abdul Rahman said in his intervention.

Anwar minced no words in his reply that the statistics could easily be ‘manipulated to lie’.

“It is not true to say that Selangor’s revenue is less than its budget. It does not make economic sense. Where do you get the money?” asked Anwar, to which the Kota Belud MP had no reply.

A whole Parliamentary session has been wasted on the back of the permanent other problems; the corrupt, casteist and  Just look at the scenario from the Anwar’s perspective. It he fought a long and hard battle to put the Barisan – more specifically the UMNO – in the dock. Anwar has relied on all means, fair to call the Najib corrupt. When Najib Abdul Razak’s absence in the Dewan Rakyat , it worked very hard to try and make to it. After demanding the resignation of the PM for  Altantuya Shaariibuu murder was tied closely to the US$1 billion acquisition of French submarines by the Malaysian defence ministry during Najib’s tenure as defence minister. In this journey, it has had to struggle – One understands the compulsions of politics, but there is also something called national interest tha Najib must remind itself of….


Najib said Pakatan Rakyat’s Buku Jingga is not worth the paper it was printed on.but Najib’s Budget 2013 is not worth his own presence for a parliamentary debate.It is highly irresponsible of the government to not take the Budget debate seriously. Please don’t forget that the opposition also represent citizens of this country.
This must be a world’s first where the debate on a country’s budget is being conducted in the absence of its finance minister and all senior ministers.’The absence of the finance minister and other cabinet ministers to hear the opposition’s views of the Budget is a disgrace and holds Parliament, and consequently the voters who sent the MPs there, in contempt.Even in Parliament, they dare not face the truth or the challenges of critical analysis of the Budget. Only uninformed backbenchers were there, those who cannot understand the numbers. This is irresponsibility at its worst.
What kind of prime minister is Najib Razak? No PM in the world fails to show up when the opposition leader debates the nation’s budget. This is irresponsible and unacceptable.
Never mind if you hate the opposition leader or you think he is dumb and stupid, but it’s still your duty to show up as PM. After all, we are a democracy. It was my duty to present the budget and more importantly, to answer questions and rebuttals to my budget and then to adjust it accordingly.What kind of cabinet and PM/CEO of Malaysia we have here? Henceforth, the ruling party has lost all my respect and my vote. The absence of the PM and entourage is deliberate, it seems. The impression one gets is that Najib and his cabinet have no respect for Anwar and neither do they care two hoots at what fair-minded Malaysians will say on their non-appearance when an important Budget is being debated.Their breeding is bad, to say the least, and their retaliation childish and foolhardy. An incumbent should not be afraid to debate with the opposition leader. In an election, the opposition leader will be PM if the opposition wins. It’s not right to say Anwar is not equal to Najib as PM. BN ministers are scared to even debate their own Budget in Parliament. This is truly pathetic.Perhaps in his little head, he doesn’t think he’s accountable as he wasn’t actually elected to his post. And if he doesn’t show up, why should his senior team members bother to do so, right? Talk about leadership.Najib said Pakatan Rakyat’s Buku Jingga is not worth the paper it was printed on. I say Najib’s Budget 2013 is not worth his own presence for a parliamentary debate.The lack of confidence of Najib and his cabinet is apparent by their absence. It also shows a lack of respect for parliamentary traditions and practice, and contempt for the rakyat who elected them to Parliament to represent them.Najib’s administration must accept the fact that the opposition represents the voice and interest of almost 50 percent of the voters who voted for them in the last GE.
We do not have any respect for this government as they do things as they wish. There does not seem to be any accountability in their actions. With this attitude, it only reflects that the current administration does not care for the welfare of the country. They must learn how to accept constructive criticism and feedback. It is important to hear the views of others.This just goes to show that the government’s budget is not really a serious budget. Even if Najib has no guts to defend his budget, at the very least the deputy finance minister should be present in Parliament to debate it.The whole cabinet is made up of a bunch of incompetent nincompoops, period. Regime change at the ballot box is the only answer to save our country, the diabolical state of our parliamentary system of government. Where’s the accountability of the executive branch of the government? If they are not accountable to the legislature, who are they accountable to?

Najib must realise that transforming the economy is tougher than crafting his lofty rhetoric. Dishing out goodies here and there to gain popularity ahead of the election will not solve our economic woes. The rich in Malaysia hold more than 50 percent of the national wealth not because of their hard work or brilliance but because of crony capitalism, leakages and corruption.
If capitalism is the cure to all social problems then Najib should do away with all privileges based on race; open up the economy to genuine competition; and abolish all subsidies.
At least the Pakatan Rakyat budget seeks to create a more equitable system of wealth distribution while making the economy more transparent, competitive and resilient, as well as providing a safety net for the lower-income group and middle class.The BN budget offers a one-off scheme of crumbs to the ordinary rakyat, but at the same time preserving the interests of crony capitalists who serve the interests of the ruling elites.Frankly, it’s disgusting to see the rich, profligate and extravagant elites pontificating about fairness, justice and equality to the rest of us while they pillage and rob the country of its wealth and resources for short-term gain.
Where are all the MCA leaders? They complained when Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim was absent from their Talam debate, why is there no complaint now when your boss Najib as well as top Umno leaders are absent? Cakap tak serupa bikin. Seriously, the credibility of our PM is highly questionable. After such a spirited speech at the Gerakan convention yesterday, he chickened out when it mattered the most. He is all bark but no bite.

Why are people so hard on the PM? Perhaps he has something more important to do, like a golf game or shopping with his wife. After all, it’s only the national budget.Najib sure looks like a guerilla warfare finance minister – take a few cheap shots at the opposition’s alternative budget, and then go into hiding from having to justify his allegations. is good at talking up his own policies to the BN-friendly media only, but not so good at direct confrontation or having intellectual debate with the opposition.

If you want to find our PM, he is on Page 2 of The Star practically everyday taking a swipe at Pakatan, where he can say whatever he wants and get away with it.

If one had the time, one could do a search and come up with 10,000 companies having committed at least one major breach of the Companies Act.

Yet CCM (Companies Commission of Malaysia) chooses to go after Suaram for a minor infraction called “misleading accounts”. Selective persecution? Your guess is as good as mine.
Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob got his pants pulled down by Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua.
And it is shocking to see former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s brother-in-law Gen (Rtd) Mohd Hashim Mohd Ali, Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin, Kota Belud MP Abdul Rahman and Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi all breaking the law.
It is even a bigger shock to see the IRD (Inland Revenue Board) closing their eyes on these “poor souls”.
YGP Holding with well-known directors (Khairy and Abdul Rahman) has not filed their audited accounts since 2006 and CCM is not doing anything against the company.
The top CCM officer should be sacked and Ismail Sabri need to explain to Malaysians why this and other Umno-linked companies are not investigated in view of charging them for failing to comply with Malaysian laws.
Ismail Sabri should be removed from his position as minister. He should be charged for being partner in crime for failing to report to CCM the names of the companies which have failed to submit the audited reports.
This shows that corrupt Umno and BN apply double standards when enforcing the law.
There are two laws in Malaysia – one for the rich and powerful and the corrupt Umno and BN cronies and one for poor Malaysians and the opposition leaders.
When(CCM) act against public interest and ignore threats to public interest, be reminded that you are public servants and your salaries are from public taxes.
When the time comes, the Public Services Department cannot keep you in your jobs.
CCM has been sleeping all these years. Most of the Sdn Bhd (private limited) companies have failed to file within the needed period.If you don’t believe me, please spend RM15 and check on any Sdn Bhd that you know, most of them don’t do it as required.
everyone knows CCM, the police, judges and the Election Commission are all Umno servants, so they have to follow Umno’s strict instructions.We are confident that when Pakatan Rakyat takes over Putrajaya, gross abuse of power and authority, lack of transparency and accountability, myopic thinking, mediocrity and racially-tainted discriminatory practices will become history.

if people pretend to refuse to believe, or are blind and stupid enough in not understanding the underlying reason of Tony Pua’s exposure accusing the CCM for not taking actions against the defaulting companies of BN lawmakers and a relative of the former PM, we should not waste time with them.CCM, for being super-efficient in the dubious and vindictive investigation of Suaram – just because they are the NGO that exposed the corruption of the Scorpene submarines purchases, which involved alleged corruption by high officials in the government.It is not about CCM not doing a good job, it is much bigger than that.It looks like our politicians are part-time in politics and full-time in business. Now we know why corruption, crime and all the other maladies are affecting the country. They are busy doing business, and so have no time for the nation.

Umno Baru has not submitted its accounts to ROS (Registrar of Societies) since the time of party treasurer Daim Zainuddin.The only conclusion is that Umno is exempt from the law. They are either above the law or out of it – outlaws as they truly are.