How to Employ Women a Commitment to actionable ideas and solutions

The CEO of the Aspen Institute, an international nonprofit committed to actionable ideas and solutions, spoke with the t about the Institute’s new focus on encouraging youth to serve America after graduation”If everybody… Continue reading

Najib taken captive by Umno’s right-wing the work of Mahathir and Muhyuddin team

NAJIB YOU MUST  FINISH ANWAR AT ANY COST Poor Najib is in the pocket of ultra right-wing forces.  they needs to  use hang on to the power. LET US  WORK AS UNITY  TEAM FOR… Continue reading

For the Sin Committed Praying as a Jew Saving American From Jews

A clip of the show was posted to YouTube on September 9, where it has received almost 400,000 views so far. “The operation behind this film appears to be extreme Egyptian Copts who… Continue reading

Najib Arrest Mahathir now and call the election and win GE-13 in a BIG Way

These days it is crystal clear that Malays in Malaysia are gyrating towards wanting change – a change that is being desperately to get rid of mahathir and his perkasaat gang at all… Continue reading

Najib call election now beware of Muhyiddin’s trap his political language to oust you immediately

Najib wants to do a Mahathir on Muhyiddin (assuming he has the courage), his biggest problem is that he has only clowns to choose from – such as Hishammuddin, Nazri, Zahid, Rais etc.… Continue reading

The sheer strength a woman has the sensuous, intoxicating power of being a woman

Love need not know any boundaries or norms; love can never be inappropriate unless it hurts another or dishonours your commitment to someone What are the emotions you would like to arouse in others,… Continue reading

How Social Media Would Have Changed New York on 9/11

In an Arabic-language article published last week, I argued that Israel’s new campaign to artificially equate Palestinian refugees and Jews who either immigrated or fled to Israel from Arab states relies on a… Continue reading

Donald Lim:‘Malaysia grows at night when the government sleeps that when MCA pornstar go to young girls

A successful liberal democracy has three elements, says Francis Fukuyama in his sparkling new book, The Origins of Political Order. It has a strong authority to allow quick and decisive action; a transparent… Continue reading

Najib attack on Muhyuddin’s Linguistic chauvinism Bilingualism in Malay and English and the new national education blueprint

Najib attack  on Muhyuddin’s Linguistic chauvinism  Bilingualism in Malay and English and the new national education blueprint This is another half-cooked blueprint which does not cater for the needs of all Malaysians with… Continue reading

After Najib, who? race to lose to Muhyiddin Yasin is the partner of Syed Mokhtar Albukharey

When the entire truth comes out, people will be surprised that it is a much bigger scam than 2G scam…the Prime Minister should take initiative in ordering This shows the amount of bungling… Continue reading