How sexy is Bill Clinton his ideas that you may not need sex to win election

Former President Bill Clinton, during his speech at the Democratic National Convention, pointed to the biggest issue with American jobs today: “There are already more than 3 million jobs open and unfilled in… Continue reading

Nalibs’doctored’ ECONOMY deflating to the audience

Experts and leaders gathered in Italy may disagree on the cure, but the malady seems clear: the world economy faces a “perfect storm” of risks that include prolonged crisis in a structurally flawed… Continue reading

The enemy is not fear, but the intimidation fear is the right dose is necessary.

There is no evidence that the public would only want stories about Rihanna if they were given some say in shaping the editorial agenda of news organisations [GALLO/GETTY] Here’s a little of the… Continue reading


 Petronas said today that the country’s dependence on subsidised gas could cost it nearly RM30 billion this year or about twice its second quarter net profit. Mahathir says Najib’s Silence is Golden The Search… Continue reading

Political rhetoric has commonalities.a brilliant mind may have a quick fix solution to the ills around,

Political rhetoric has commonalities. An aspirant standing across and asking your vote any place on the planet uses words, phrases and ideology you’ve heard before. Hope, optimism and deriding the local opposition are… Continue reading

Get ready for cyber attack it’s more than strange. It’s weird.

Malaysian government has nothing new and fresh to offer and so bankrupt are they of new initiatives (not to mention principles, morals and dignity), they keep using the same old tricks over and… Continue reading

US Democrats kick off national convention Michelle Obama DNC Speech Electrifies Crowd

Democrats kick off national convention Michelle Obama DNC Speech Electrifies CrowdFirst Lady Michelle Obama makes personal case for her husband’s re-election on first night of party gathering watch Michelle Obama’s message: President Barack… Continue reading

Bill and Melinda Gates: Changing the world” the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life

Bill and Melinda Gates: Changing the worldThe founders of the world’s largest transparently operated private foundation talk about their visions and at “the moral test of government is how that government treats… Continue reading

The financial chickens have come home to roost! flip-flop policies which end up with the Rakyat as the losers yet again

Creditors facing a potential default on the MRCB Southern Link project bonds have been offered a lifeline after the federal government said last Thursday that it would take over the new Eastern Dispersal… Continue reading

Delving into the depths of another mind can be both interesting and adventurous.

 A man who had seen his share of inhumanities, Dickens pronounced solitary confinement to be “rigid, strict, and hopeless…cruel and wrong.” That was 1842. Since then, piles of scientific studies, along with the… Continue reading